1987-2015 Oktoberfest Munich Stoneware Beer Stein 's - 33 piece

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1987-2015 Oktoberfest Munich Stoneware Beer Stein 's - 33 piece 

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33 piece

Item Height: 7.5 Inches

Object Type: Mug

Theme: Breweriana, Beer

Brand: Rastal

The most coveted collector's item for all real Oktoberfest fans and mug collectors.

The current annual mug in 1 liter size (mass) is the original Oktoberfest mug. In Bavaria, the tankard is also known as the Wiesnkrug. collectible mug The official mug is not only extremely popular with collectors.

As a souvenir of the visit to the Theresienwiese, the Bavarian beer is enjoyed from it. Incidentally, the value of the tankard also increases over time. Clay jug (Keferloher) The Oktoberfest mug is made of high-quality clay from Cannstadt and is fired twice during production.

The clay jugs are called "stone jugs" in Bavaria (cf. also the English "stone"). stone jug In earlier times, Oktoberfest beer was served in this stein (Keferloher) at the Oktoberfest. Today they have been replaced by glass Isarseidl, but they still offer beer lovers a long-lasting pleasure. The material (clay) keeps the beer cool for a particularly long time.